$100 Will Buy This Car

From today’s print edition of the Wall Street Journal:

$100 Will Buy This Car

Circa 1929: $100 Will Buy This Car Must Have Cash Lost All On The Stock Market (Wall Street Journal, October 11, 2008)

Picture: $100 Will Buy This Car
Wall Street Journal, Print Edition, October 11, 2008

6 Responses to $100 Will Buy This Car

  1. lindsey says:

    How and where can i buy this photo?

  2. […] Photo URL: https://greenewable.wordpress.com/2008/10/12/100-will-buy-this-car/ […]

  3. mistyfan says:

    I’ve often wondered who this guy was, if he managed to sell his car, and if he made it through the Great Depression.

  4. mistyfan says:

    Wonder what this chap would think about the photo of his distress car sale becoming one of the most iconic images of the 1929 Crash? It appears on the cover of “Six Days in October” and is one of my favourite photos too.

  5. mistyfan says:

    I just found a source that says the guy’s name was Walter Thornton.

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