How to Fire a Teacher in New York City

January 15, 2011

I was reminded of this chart the other day in a conversation with a friend.  I had to re post it here.  The chart illustrates the burden of law on American public schools.  This chart is for New York City, but many such systems are in place around the country.  We will never improve the quality of high school eduction in this country until we alter this system. Imagine the level of productivity and commitment at your job if this was the system used to fire you or your coworkers.  Please note this system is in place for tenured public school teachers.  This does not apply to private school teachers or those without tenure in the public school system.  It does apply to some tenured teachers who are also sex offenders, much of which has been written about, but little of which seems to make it into the public discourse.  Remember a tenured teacher even if you are not allowed to teach, as is the case with convicted sex offenders or the emotionally unstable, you remain on municipal payrolls in “white rooms”.  At a time where municipal budgets are under pressure, I hope this system can be amended.  I encourage you to skip to the end for the punchline after you have taken a little time to get the gist of it.

How do I fire an inept teacher? (Source: