February 7, 2017

I hope people realize the #misdirection in motion right now.  POTUS (Bannon) is using the #travelban as a test for blocking the system. 

The more legislation he can stuff down the court system the further he will be to “proving” the courts are failing (in this case at the expense of “national security”)

If the 9th Circut Court calls their bluff with a fast decision to keep the lower court ban in place it will help (but not end) this tragic waste of taxpayer resources. 

If anyone thinks this is anything other than the first of many uses of executive power to gun-up the courts, then they are naively mistaken. 

The short-con (passing questionable restrictions on immigration) is simply a cover for the long-con of dismantling our democracy. 

I pray to god our elected representatives on BOTH sides of the aisle can see this.