Zerohedge is a Russian InfoOperation

After the financial crisis in 2008 I like many fellow finance professionals were hungry if not desperate for disparative news. Banks seldom paint dark clouds over their own heads and the MSM is too afraid to paint gloom, or its too unsophisticated to understand what’s really happening.  

At that time I found myself practically glued to Zerohedge for my daily fill of “reality” and a never ending and often thought provoking insight into what was “really” happening on Wall Street and the world at large.  After all with their catchy tag line and Fight Club overtones, it felt cool to be counter Wall Street culture at the trough of the crisis if nothing else. That, and of course people flrequently referenced a breaking view posted on Zerohedge. 

Well, as all good crises end, so does the need for solace and insight. By 2013 I found I rarely if ever checked in on Zerohedge if for no other reason all the doom and gloom stopped being accurate. Markets were running up, and the world barring geopolitical issues seemed to be sobering.  My detachment at first was more about the lack of timely or relevant information.  

Then early this year a Bloomberg article caught my eye. One of the core team at Zerohedge had left, and broken the secrecy and silence that had protected the site from truth seekers and controversy.  

After reading about the Zerohedge team, and commitment more to sensationalizing events, and stirring the proverbial pot rather than actually trying to give people real insight, I felt like the patsy. I realized my own views years ago had been clouded as I overweighted the integrity of the “insights” I was getting. 

I began to follow Zerohedge again this spring, but with a far more cautious and distrustful approach. With doubts already in mind, I began to feel like Zerohedge was working extra hard to push for Trump, and to damage Clinton. The more I read the more it was clear there was an agenda. 

Sometime over the summer my inspired searches led me to be convinced that Zerohedge was likely part of a Russian Information operation, and even more likely has been since its inception. I’m a finance geek, so I don’t know what other industry gossip/insider blogs like Zerohedge there are, but the frank realization that foreign countries as working diligently to inflittate our markets and democracy is deeply unsettling.  


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