iPhone 3GS Application for NYC Subway Mapping

July 18, 2009

This might be the coolest mobile application I have ever seen.


Yes Pecan!

February 28, 2009

I guess this is January news, but seems like the new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor named “Yes Pecan!” for President Obama has inspired some creativity.

Yes Pecan!

Yes Pecan!

Today I received an email with a number of other possible names for a Bush flavor, to which I have added. In searching the web I came across the creative examples depicted above.  Please post your own!

Ben & Jerry created “Yes Pecan!” ice cream flavor for President Obama. They then asked people to fill in the blank to the following:

For George W. Bush, we should create “_________”. Here are some of their favorite responses:

1.      Grape Depression
2.      Abu Grape
3.      Cluster Fudge
4.      Nut’n Accomplished
5.      Iraqi Road
6.      Chock ‘n Awe
7.      WireTapioca
8.      Impeach Cobbler
9.      Guantanmallow
10.    imPeachmint
11.    Good Riddance You Lousy Motherfucker. Swirl
12.    Heck of a Job, Brownie!
13.    Neocon Politan
14.    RockyRoad to Fascism
15.    The Reese’s-cession
16.    Cookie D’oh!
17.    The Housing Crunch
18.    Nougalar Proliferation
19.    Death by Chocolate. and Torture
20.    Credit Crunch
21.    Country Pumpkin
22.    Chunky Monkey in Chief
23.    George Bush Doesn’t Care About Dark Chocolate
24.    WM Delicious
25.    Chocolate Chimp
26.    Bloody Sundae
27.    Caramel Preemptive Stripe
28.    I broke the law and am responsible for the deaths of thousands – with nuts.

My additions:
29.    Orange Alertalicious
30.    Saddamcicle
31.    Waterboard Crunch
32.    Shot by Cheney Dough-Crunch
33.    WMD (With Mounds and Devil Dogs, but when you look inside its just plain vanilla!)

Gift Idea: Soda-Club Sodastream Soda Maker

December 6, 2008

Back in November I was at the Green Festival in Washington D.C..  Having been my second year there I was not nearly as overwhelmed by the level of commerce in the main room at the Washington D.C. Convention Center.  As I made my way through, aisle after aisle, I recognized a number of booths from the first year, and also saw a few newcomers.  Among the newcomers was a larger demonstration area with a product called the Soda-Club Soda Maker.  I generally avoid larger crowds but this odd popping sound caught my attention.

As I shouldered my way up to the table I saw a half dozen or so marketers demonstrating the Soda Club Soda Maker first hand.  As someone who cut down dramatically on canned and bottled drinks a couple of years ago both to conserve calories and the environment I was admittedly excited by demonstration.  The staff were popping out bottles of home-made seltzer and soda in less than a minute each.  The seltzer was delicious and the soda’s were surprisingly good.  Not to mention, the process of carbonating a bottle of water actually looked fun!

Throughout the weekend I found myself making my way back to the demonstration table, consistently looking to grab a glass of the home made seltzer and to taste a new flavor of their home made soda.  Needless to say, when I returned home I could not get the idea of home made soda out of my head so I went online to look for the new model they told me would be available by internet about a week later.  Well, it took two weeks to find the model I wanted, but I did go ahead an buy one.

It arrived yesterday and as I write this I am sipping from a glass of homemade seltzer made from NYC’s finest tap water!

I have never used the blog to plug a product, and I am not getting paid for this, but I have to say that the soda maker is an amazing product and would make an excellent gift.  A link to the product website is below embedded in the picture of the maker itself.  Their website could use a little work, but they have gotten great reviews in the mainstream media.  Not only is the device helping to reduce the need for throw-away cans and bottles, it reduces the cost of soda to pennies.  As one of the few non-electric gadgets for the kitchen, it can fit just about anywhere on the kitchen counter (especially important in a tiny Manhattan kitchen).  It saves the need to carry heavy soda’s home, and will reduce the need to take the recycling out for most people.  The chemical free bottles that come with the kit are stronger and more durable than traditional soda bottles as they are made to withstand the pressure from the carbonation process.  Unfortunately the bottles are not dishwasher safe, but if you keep them rinsed, it should not be a big problem.  The kit comes with tw0 carbonation cylinders, which apparently get recycled too.  Once you finish one cylinder, you simply need to order a new one online.  When the new one arrives, you can just pop the original one back in the mail to the company.

"Pure" Soda-Club home soda maker

"Pure" Soda-Club home soda maker

If you are addicted to brand name soda, this may fall short, but if you are like me and have grown to resolve that most soda’s are alike, you will love it.  Check out the variety of regular and diet flavors on their website.  I can say that the Lemon-Lime, Rootbeer, and Orange are amazing!