Prodemocracy Revolution in Greenwich Village

May 12, 2011

So my NYC co-op just completed its own mid-east style pro-democracy revolution

A crazy proxy fight that lasted 6 months ended with the election of an entirely new board of directors committed to transparency, no conflicts of interest, and better communication with shareholders.

The old board simply stepped down allowing the new board to take over without a hitch. The president of the old board, widely distrusted and despised actually stuffed a 2 page missive under all 350 doors in the building screaming about her own beheading and placing blame for her failures on a group of shareholders who banded together to win hard-to-come-by board seats.

In the end the new board took all 7 seats, a mighty achievement where the original Sponsor still owns 17% of the shares.

The new board, supported by a larger group of concerned shareholders managed to secure 55-60% of proxies before the election sealing their victory going into the election and apparently persuading the incumbents to step aside.

Many people would have preferred a Gaddafi-esqe approach of going after them with real fire power given the anger that was bubbling.

I am amazed by the power of the democratic process. Of course a $30mm facade renovation project was the catalyst for our regime change. That’s enough money to depose about any incumbent.

Lesson: buy a condo not a coop.


NYTimes: In Bin Laden’s Compound, Seals’ All-Star Team

May 5, 2011

As reported by the NYT:

“The cache the Seal team recovered from the Bin Laden compound included more than 100 storage devices — DVDs, thumb drives and computer discs — as well as 5 computers and 10 computer hard drives.”

The death of Bin Laden does nothing for national security. That kind of data most definitely could.

Members of Team 6, a secretive unit of men who survived years of brutal preparation, are the elite of the elite.

100,000 All Time Views

May 4, 2011

Thanks to whoever you are who are helping me approach 100,000 all-time views of my blog. At the current rate, Greenewable’s Weblog should reach the monumenal 100,000 views by this Sunday. I never thought anyone would actually read this when I started, back in 2008.

Even 95% of those views are web crawlers and bots, I’m still happy to know that a good handful of folks have invested a few minutes to hear me out.

Thanks to all of you!

Of course if this were Facebook and it took 3 years to get 100,000 views I’d be out of business :)