The Red Pill: ZeroHedge, InfoWars and others are Russian Fronts 

I’ve been advocating this based on my own empirical evidence that came to surface during the 2016 election. 

If anyone spends more than a few minutes surfing ZeroHedge (InfoWars and others) they will find a litany of conspiracies, agitated gloom, and as of that last 18 months a lot of love (propaganda) for Russia.  

The purpose of ZeroHedge (around the time of the financial crisis) began as a way to reach the minds of Wall Street and to sew seeds of feer and doubt. It was all nearly veiled as an inside-scoop of the secrets that led to the financial crisis. The site rose to such popularity it has often been quoted in main-stream-media and has a list of well-heeled (unwitting) followers. 
That said, the reference in Warontherocks to ZeroHedge/InfoWars as grey matter in the information war from Russia is so on point, it’s a wonder no one has talked about it sooner or with more frequency. 

If you, like me, have used and liked ZeroHedge in the past, prepare to be heartbroken and nauseous.  However, the feelings of having been used will become constructive to your new awareness of the world, as it is today. 

I beg you to read this blog post. I know it lacks credibitly by virtue of brand, but check the authors, search your soul, and their references for the truth. 

The Rand Corporation has also well documented the Russian Info Operation Model. But they leave a lot to the imagination where Warontherocks fills in.

Since I felt it relevant, the Rand research is here:

There may be nothing more patriaotic we can do as Americans than to begin to think critically about our news and information sources. In the long run we need to solve for getting Putin out of power, in the short run, we need to reclaim our democracy, red, blue and everyone in between. 

This is not a partisan issue and while it may involve #trumprussia, the implications are far deeper and more severe than possible malfeasance (impeachable malfeasance). 

When the majority of Americans (left and right) wake up to the fact that half of what they believe to be true is Putin’s programming the consequences will be dire, and far worse than a president impeached. This will ripple through congress, the senate, the intelligence community and military, and a large number of our elected officials will end up buried by this. The ensuing power vacuum in Washington, distrust and eventual paranoia, will castrate our leadership for a period of time.  
We should hope for and look for the technocrats who won’t be lifelong public servants but whom will have the credibility and willingness to restore order in Washington, and ultimately to keep us safe. They are out there and waiting for their time to shine. 


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