Bitcoin: Cyprus Sparks Scramble for Digital Dollars

March 27, 2013

Please explain to me how bit coin has no sovereign exposure? What does this person think the bit coins were bought with? So your paying bit coin a fee to hold your sovereign dollars. What happens when bit coins balance sheet blows up? Will they have enough capital to support the network? Article: Bitcoin: Cyprus Sparks Scramble for Digital Dollars

They won’t make a sound no matter how many of them you try to toss in a bucket, and you can’t pitch them in a fountain and wish for good luck. But make no mistake, bitcoins are getting big.

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Fed Now Concerned About US Wealth Inequality

March 26, 2013

Maybe the Fed should highlight that Obama’s tax increases effectively form a moat around previously acquired wealth and makes it harder for younger entrepreneurs and career oriented people to amass their own millions. Article: Fed Now Concerned About US Wealth Inequality

As the gap between the wealthy and rest of America becomes a hot-button issue in Washington, the Fed’s ability to improve the situation may soon move into the spotlight.

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