Can the Financial Crisis Take Cues From Putting Out Oil Well Fires?

More nice artwork from David Dees courtesy of

Fuel on the Fire

Fuel on the Fire

So how do they put out intense oil-well fires?  I was at the New Museum a little while ago and saw this video installation as part of a larger exhibit.  It’s worth four of the five minutes.  Not only is the footage jaw dropping, the solution is equally amazing to watch.  If you want to skip to the point, drag the player to 3:00 on the time line.

If the current financial crisis is a fire burning out of control, how can we starve it of oxygen long enough to snuff it out so we can begin to rebuild?

David Dees,, Accessed October 9, 2008

Gulf War Montage: Oil Well Fires “Get Extinguished”
YouTube, Accessed October 9, 2008


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