Standards of the Presidency

If we do not hold candidates to higher standards as they campaign for the highest office in the land then we cannot expect them hold them to higher standards once they are in office.

This is not a compromise that should be dictated by either candidate. This is OUR democracy and the standards set are by definition, ours.  If we let them lower the bar for their needs, we will not be able to raise it later for ours.

Trump and Clinton are playing a dangerous game with our democracy. It’s time we raise the bar for both of them.

We must require that they campaign by our rules and not allow them to rewrite them.  Social media has many great values in the transparency it offers. However we are being manipulated by an abundance of ad hoc statements and misdirection.

#takebackthepresidency, #Clinton, #Trump, #makeamericagreatagain, #itsourcountry


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