All this talk of Trump.  All this aggrandized media attention and even the smart people have missed that THEY are feeding the machine.

So many of us are “afraid”, “frustrated”, “surprised”, or “concerned” by the dominance Trump has had in the delegate race.

However it is mostly “us” who actually read and write the news that have fed his insatiable desire to remain in the spotlight. When will we all realize that the best way to squash his power will be to turn the news cycle past him and not let him back in.

When we stop reading about Trump, then we will remove his megaphone.

The power remains squarely in the hands of the press.  If they want this guy as the GOP nominee, then there is nothing we can do but hope that Hillary can beat him in the general election.

When the GOP fails to endorse him, however, it will only further his appeal and power base.


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