Goldman’s Headquarters, an Oasis of Electricity

The fact that Goldman Sachs remained fully lit in the aftermath of the hurricane is as puzzling as it is unnerving.

Not to mention Goldman’s NY HQ was built with proceeds from a municipal bond issuance supported by taxpayers.

What was it that Goldman built that insulated them from the lower Manhattan grid? What kind of a deal was worked out with ConEd and most importantly why does Goldman have a dedicated undisturbed line while the entire rest of lower manhattan went black.

Not to mention I have not seen an ounce of news of how Goldman opened their lobby to residents in need of shelter or a phone charge.

In fact I did hear one story this week of a Goldman employee complaining that their employee showers (yes your heard that correctly) did not have hot water. All the while thousands of people around has no power, water, and heat. Article: Around Goldman’s Headquarters, an Oasis of Electricity

As many in Lower Manhattan spent the workweek without power, one area near the Hudson River was bustling: Goldman Alley. The New York Times reports.

Full Story:


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