Obama’s Middle Class

Great article outlining the impact of 0% interest rates on savers which most significantly effects the middle class who generally save and plan retirement to a fairly tight budget.

Obama’s Middle Class will wake up in a few years realizing that the government in all it’s public image to support them has slowly and steadily been robbing their savings in their efforts to monitize our collective debts.

I’m not arguing either the efficacy or soundness of this strategy, just pointing out the dubious politicking and massive PR effort that has come to define the Obama legacy.

Would we ever elect a President who would look us in the eye and call it what it is?

CNBC.com Article: As Low Rates Depress Savers, Governments Reap Benefits

A consumer complaint is ricocheting around the world: low interest rates are eating away at savings, the New York Times reports.

Full Story:


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