Rick Perry and All People Undereducated

I’m still not sure who listens to Rick Perry and believes he has half a clue. That said, I’ve only spent limited time in Texas and I suppose one could easily argue that Sarah Palin garnered more votes than I could.

I am reminded of a panel I watched a couple of years ago where two honorable representatives from the US Congress reflected on the state of economic affairs and their own understanding of them.

What hit home was that one of these representatives lamented at the amazing amount of information and data he had access to in his privileged position. He talked about how “cool” his morning briefings were which connected him to the audience. He then went on to say that when he first took office, he quickly realized his understanding of economics was rusty and his understanding of financial markets was about nil given the advent of modern financial products. Thus with all these amazing reports and classified data on his desk, none of it really told him very much.

He then went on to say that he took it upon himself to go back to school to better equip himself to understand and ultimately impact the information he was reading. After all, as member of the finance committee, that was his job.

I was stunned to hear one our representatives express his own lack of knowledge and astounded that he took it upon himself to educate himself to be a better leader.

What really blew me off my seat, however, was when he described the lack of understanding shared by his peers in the House and Senate and went on to say that among them all, he was the only one he was aware of to go back to school to learn about the things he was tasked to oversee.

Reading the growing circus that is Rick Perry’s campaign I was inspired to consider a new rule that ought to be imposed on all of our political representatives, particularly those with specific domain responsibility.

Simply, we ought to keep our 4 year election cycle but move to a 5 year service cycle in which upon election all public leaders spend one year in school learning everything from the basics of flawed public finance, to leadership, ethics and markets and to take electives related to any committees they may need to serve on.

We spend a lot of oxygen touting the importance of education in the US. We talk about educating our children, have requirements of higher education for most highly skilled professions, but yet any schmo from Texas with an affable personality and some financial backing can grab a soap box and lead our country. I think we’ve seen the dangers of that before and I don’t think the US just needs a rinse and repeat.

After all, the political vacuum is great at dishing out rules for everyone else to follow. Why not at least require they have half a clue of what the fuck they are talking about?

Ben Bernanke, ‘Money-Printing’ Would Be Out at Fed: Perry
CNBC.com | September 29, 2011 | 08:28 AM EDT
Ben Bernanke no longer would be the Federal Reserve chairman and the central bank would be out of the money-printing business under a Rick-Perry-run White House, the Texas governor told CNBC.

The Republican presidential candidate has not hid his disdain for Bernanke, and he reiterated during a live interview that someone else would be in charge of monetary policy should Perry unseat President Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

“The statement towards Chairman Bernanke needs to be very clear to him, that making monetary policy to cover up bad fiscal policy is just bad public policy,” Perry said. “What we’re seeing is a Fed that is getting involved in things that frankly it does not need to be involved with. Printing money doesn’t do anything at this particular juncture except make the dollars in our pocket worth less money, plus it puts us in jeopardy of greater inflation in the future.”

Perry’s star has faded somewhat over the past week or so after turning in less-than-stellar performances in Republican candidate debates.

The fiery Texas governor has found himself criticized on the right for his immigration stance, and the left for his hard-line stances on social issues.

He has been especially rough on Bernanke, drawing criticism at one point for suggesting that if the central bank chief ever came to Texas he would face retribution for this actions.


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