If Capitol Hill Was On Mainstreet

Since it’s likely we won’t raise the debt limit in time, and as a result we won’t have enough money to pay all our bills, why don’t we make the first cuts to Capital Hill executive leadership and staffers?

Why should they get paid to fuck everything up while honest, hard working Americans will be told the check is not in the mail because your representative is a complete fucking nitwit who cannot do his job effectively. At the end of the day our representative’s job is to negotiate not to stonewall on our behalf. Their job is to fix our problems with our best interests in mind. This bag of cats in Washington is just making things worse.

As I type markets are just plain crazy. The VIX is up, stocks are flat, bonds are rallying, gold is supported but other commodities are falling. None of these relationships make any sense other than they prove that our entire sense of “Risk Free” is about to be turned upside down.

I would bet the farm that if Capital Hill salaries were on the line, we’d have a deal. But Capital Hill like Wall Street is quite far from Main Street.


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