Been torn the last few days trying to decide between financial security and professional fulfillment.  It’s a crime that these to principles should ever be separated.  While I know that professional fulfillment breeds financial security, and that in time there is no substitute, what does one do when immediate financial security eliminates as many daily pain points as the job that pays for it creates?  Looking for answers I stumbled on this from the November 2010 Economist .  Not what I expected to see.  What say ye?

Daily chart

Money and happiness

Nov 25th 2010, 14:45 by The Economist online

Measured a different way, the correlation between money and happiness is surprisingly strong

DISMAL scientists who look at happiness often contend that, beyond a GDP per capita of just $15,000 (measured at purchasing-power parity), money does not buy happiness. Up to that point the correlation between the two is strong, but thereafter it falls away. If this is true then some heretical conclusions follow: rich America is no happier than poorer Brazil, so what is the point in people who live in rich countries working harder to get ever richer? Politicians should concentrate on maximising the mental health of their voters, rather than the size of their pay cheques. But plot the data another way, on a logarithmic scale where each increment represents a 100% increase in income per head, and the relationship between wealth and happiness looks more robust.


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