Block Fox

Today Fox and Time Warner may end a standoff over whether Fox is entitled to charge Time Warner for rights to broadcast.  Historically the major “free” networks have never done this.

Tonight Fox is running incessant ads asking viewers to let Time Warner know they want to keep the Fox network on Time Warner.  I love 24, House and a hand full of other Fox shows.  However, I equally despise Rupert Murdoch and the Fox juggernaut.  If Rupert wins this poker game, it is going to mean higher cable bills for consumers everywhere as ever major broadcaster will follow suit, with every major cable operator around the country.

I am willing to live without my shows (I can always rent them later), in order to keep Rupert’s power in check, and so I can have a cable bill that wont require a third job to pay for it.

Boycott the Fox network if you are on Time Warner.  Don’t let Rupert win this battle.  He needs to be put back in his place.  If forced to pay for the free networks, I am sure that given the choices many people would opt to have CBS, NBC or ABC over FOX.

Tell Rupert to go to hell, and DON’T let him change the rules of the game, the only person it will benefit is him.


One Response to Block Fox

  1. corey says:

    Hell yeah! I’m sure Fox’s advertisers would love to know that they greedily pulled out of the largest market in the US. Fox needs TW, not the other way around!

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