Was the Cold War Won by Reaganomics?

Here’s a novel idea giving credit to a regime I have very mixed feelings about, and as far as I know this is for better or worse all of my own dogma.

Was Reaganomics about economic progress, or was it really about geopolitical strategy?.  Hindsight being 20/20, one could research the idea that 28 years of deregulation and leverage helped us win the cold war.  Trickle down economics was possibly the single most force that allowed us to defeat the Russians and the prevailing global socialist regime.  It both afforded us a growing tax base created through economic stimulus to redeploy into defense spending, but simultaneously represented to the world that capitalism had succeeded, and that American Democratic Capitalism would lead to the best prosperity the world had ever seen.

Although if one subscribes to this, then it only took about nine years until the Berlin Wall came down. The following 20 or so were a holdover from a policy that few understood but that everyone enjoyed.  I give the thought credit on the basis that it would be awfully poetic to think that the same policy that helped us disarm the Russians will inadvertently force us to concede geopolitical leadership to the Chinese.

Anyone else seen work on this idea?


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