Cramer vs. Cramer

All the hoopla about Jim Cramer vs. John Stewart was a bit over hyped, but I have to admit John Stewart really impressed me with the level of cowering he brought out of Cramer, it was sadly pathetic to see Cramer that way, but I have to say that it was much better to see that then what you would have gotten out of a lesser man in the same situation.

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Some clips were uncovered in this Cramer vs. Stewart debate.  I have posted the source of those clips below.

Sometimes your biggest enemy is really just yourself, particularly in a world of cheap and easy video with mass distribution.  Kudos to Cramer’s honesty here, I wish it was made clearer that he was speaking to expose the industry not to support it.  Nonetheless its a very interesting watch about the plumbing of hedge fund market manipulation.


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  1. Bruni says:

    The best article I’ve read on the very first day of the year. Thanks :)

    Happy new year

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