Fuel the Film

So I got to preview a new documentary, called Fuel.  It’s another thread in the quilt for sustainability.  Apparently the film won at Sundance, and was considered for an Oscar.  It is an incredibly powerful film hinged on the personal life experiences of the filmmaker who does an excellent job bringing the audience into his world in order to help them see their own more clearly.  It’s chock full of a number of OMG moments and laughs, and leaves you with a greater sense of hope than doom as many of these types of films do.  With a great list of cameos from Willie Nelson and Julia Roberts to Sir Richard Branson, the film uses celebrity well, and should help it gain a broader appeal.

I’d certainly recommend it for an eco-geek and for anyone still grasping to learn more about alternative energies, the environment, and specifically bio diesel.

Also looks like they are going to get their first push onto the big screen in NYC on February 6th.  If you can make it, check it out.

AMC Loews Village 7
66 3rd Ave.

New York, NY, 10003
Event date:  02/06/200902/12/2009
Showtimes:  TBA
Sales Hotline:
(212) 982-2116

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