Good News Novelties

I suppose good news, and positive sound bites in general will only make their way into the media zeitgeist when the current pessimism finally becomes ubiquitous and the errant piece of good news can once again drive click-throughs and sell magazines and newspapers.

In the meantime, those of us fed up with all the negativity ought to click twice through the good headlines, or buy two of the print editions that focus on the positive.  If we can spur sales and show editors that we really do want to read more good news, maybe we can help control the media, and in turn help to cut the fever of stress and tension prevailing in our country today.

If misery loves company, then almost nobody is alone anymore.


One Response to Good News Novelties

  1. […] is becoming a bit disconcerting, although it was clearly expected as I noted in Good News Novelties in January.  The media loves one thing, to sell headlines whether by paper or by […]

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