Eco-Fugitives or Eco-Analyst?

The EPA Fugitives Watchlist made the rounds yesterday in headlines.  

Defendants charged with environmental crimes or violations of the U.S. Federal Criminal Code sometimes flee the court’s jurisdiction and/or the USA rather than face prosecution or to serve a sentence. When these circumstances occur, the defendants become fugitives from justice.The following wanted posters identify fugitives sought by the EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division. Each one provides a brief case summary and instructions on how to report information related to their identity and/or current location. You may also report the information to your local police or if you are outside the United States, to the nearest U.S. Embassy

EPA Most wanted eco-fugitives

EPA Most wanted eco-fugitives

While I was happy to see it, it looks more like some analyst at the EPA got cute and data-mined existing cases for eco-related syntax. Take some of these violations as examples of how far they stretched the criteria to keep the list long enough to catch an eye:

“illegally imported automobiles that did not meet the United States emissions standards.”

“an environmental consultant, was charged in the Western District of New York State on a multiple count indictment. Alleged violations include: Mail fraud & Money laundering”

“the Chief Engineer on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL) vessel, was charged in the Southern District of Florida. Alleged violations include: Tampering with a witness”

“was charged in the Southern District of New York, on a one-count indictment. Alleged violations include: Illegal asbestos removal”

If nothing else, its nice to see eager college grads with a green eye!

EPA Fugitives
EPA, Accessed December 12, 2008


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