Map of the Market

This is an oldie but a goodie.  Map of the Market by is a great Java based web tool for viewing stock market performance by company, by sector, and by relative capitalization of corporate America.  The handy control tool offers different ways to view the map.

Below is just a still image of the site, which you can link directly to by clicking on the image.  Despite the turmoil, I was curious who the best performers have been in 2008, year-to-date.  As of Friday, October 10, 2008, the best five performing stocks this year, in order, have been:

Fording Canadian Coal: +89.12%
Dollar Tree: +26.27%
Celgene: +17.98%
Hasbro: +17.28%
Family Dollar Stores: +15.96%

In contrast, the five worst performing stock of 2008, without much surprise, in order, have been:

Fannie Mae: -97.30%
Freddie Mac: -96.60%
American International Group: -96.00%
Crocs: -94.21%
XL Capital Ltd.: -89.21%
Map of the Market by

Map of the Market by

The tool can be slow to load, but it’s worth it.  The way to read the map is that the brighter the red, the worse the company’s stock performance, and the closer to black the closer the firm’s stock has performed to no change in the plotted time period.  The time period can be customized the most recent day, YTD, 26 weeks or 52 weeks.  In “normal times” the color green represents companies showing positive returns.  Furthermore, the size of each company’s rectangle is proportionate to its relative size in its industry and to the broader market.  The same goes for industry rectangles, who’s size are a function of the sum of the companies that comprise the industry.

Map of the Market, Accessed October 11, 2008


2 Responses to Map of the Market

  1. crackhead says:

    Map of the Market is AWESOME. This is my favorite data visualization tool of all time. Good to see it being promoted!

    If you like treemaps (that style of visualization), you might also like Newsmap:

    It’s a treemap of Google News.

  2. […] After posting Map of the Market by a few days ago, a friend reminded me of another terrific java driven data […]

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