Debate Dodger

McCain Suspends Campaign; Obama Presses for Debate

“John McCain made a surprise announcement that he was suspending his presidential campaign and called on Democratic rival Barack Obama to postpone their first debate until Congress hammers out a plan to steady the financial markets.”  Full story here.

It’s not the transparent attempt to avoid talking about the economy that irks me so with this one.  After all, McCain has been widely quoted as acknowledging that the economy is a weakness of his.  Putting off a debate that is bound to focus almost exclusively on markets at a monumental time in our financial history is a deceitfully smart way for a economically challenged person to get himself off the hook.

It is also not the political positioning that makes me so nauseous.  Who could expect that politicians in an election climate would do anything less than exploit fear and trepidation?

Nor am I frightened by Papa John’s transparency in his attempt to be softer and gentler in posturing to stop going to work on the road, so he can stay home to fix our problems.

“Obama said McCain mentioned the idea of meeting with congressional leaders in Washington and the possibility of delaying the debate, scheduled for Friday, though no firm agreement was reached.”

What really strikes me as absurd, is the idea that John McCain might actually add value to finding a proper solution to the current financial crisis.

Who is he kidding?

McCain Suspends Campaign; Obama Presses for Debate
Edwin Chen and Julianna Goldman, Bloomberg, September 24, 2008


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