I wrote this somewhat provocative and easily perceived as overly fearful blurb last night as part of another post.  After a good friend offered some thoughts, I made a few slight changes, separated it and am re-posting it here.

My larger fear is that this [current market crisis] leaves us vulnerable in ways we have not yet begun to imagine.  Around the world rouge groups have apocalyptic dreams of wiping capitalism from the planet.  While that most likely would never happen, the current economic crisis affords them a window in their mind to try again, much like the window created by the dot-com collapse and corporate scandals prior to 9/11.  Please don’t underestimate the intelligence of our enemies and please understand that there is more at stake here than a few wall street CEO’s, investment bankers, and even more than middle America.  Our national security, in a world filled with rogue states, is now terribly compromised.

As I arrived at work this morning and checked the news, there was a top story on Bloomberg about Ahmadinejad once again stirring the pot from the desert across the pond.  At this point I hope the Federal Reserve is in constant communication with intelligence agencies, the National Guard and the Pentagon.


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